Ivana & Sebastian

A couple of weeks before Ivana & Sebastian's wedding we were going over the details for the day..."So you're getting ready at your parents house? What's the address?" I ask Ivana. She laughs "Oh you won't need the house number, you'll know which one it is by the noise".

Sarah & Andrew

Sarah & Andrew got married at the beautifulĀ Ginninderry Homestead.

Ellie & Ben

While I was off having a baby Annika photographed Ellie & Ben's wedding, here's what she had to say about their super stylish day -

Walt Six Weeks

By now you probably have heard that I've had a baby, because I've become on of those crazy Mum's who takes millions of photos of their babies and gets excited when he burps.

Kerryn & Andrew

I've know Kerryn since we were teenagers, we met via her brother Jeremy and we all bonded over our love of ska and punk in the early 2000's...so I was super excited when she asked me to photograph her wedding!

Priyanka & Krishan

Priyanka & Krishna got married in India, but before they left we did a wedding portrait shoot which was a heap of fun!

Alissar & Nabil

People sometimes ask me do you really like every couple you photograph? Do you enjoy every wedding? And my answer is always "Yes!". I really have an amazing job, people trust and allow me access to one of the most personal days of their lives...what a privilege!

Jemima & Dan

Jemima and Dan got married in December at The StablesĀ in Binda and to say that it rained a lot is a huge understatement, it absolutely poured.

My Birth Story

Warning: This post contains my birth photos. They're very tasteful, but they're still of me giving birth...in other words there is a lot of my skin exposed.

Tanya & Tim

Oh my goodness I haven't blogged in so long, it's not because I have a lack of beautiful weddings to share...it's because I'm pregnant and slow. But today I've finally caught up on all my other work and that means I have time to blog Tanya & Tim's freaking beautiful wedding!

Canberra Wedding Photography

Katie & Daniel

You know how sometimes you meet people and they seem perfect? You think to yourself "There has to be something wrong with them, cause no one is that perfect"...so you watch them carefully, just waiting for them to reveal whatever giant flaw they've been hiding from you all this time. You wait, and wait, and wait some more, but the more time you spend with these people the more you like them and you realise that they aren't hiding anything...they really are pretty much perfect. That's Katie and Daniel for you.

Grazing Gundaroo Wedding

Freya & Dane

Freya & Dane are the best, sometimes I hate having to write a 'wedding description' because words fail to show how great the day really was...this was one of those occasions.Ā So instead of trying to write something creative I'll give you the facts: 1. Freya & Dane are hilarious. 2. Their wedding party are also hilarious. 3. The weather was weird.

Victoria & James

I know that many of you have been waiting for this post, how do I know this? Well, fun fact...I can see what people search for on my blog and there have been an awful lot of searches for 'Victoria & James' over the last month or so!

Felicity & Brad

Boom! Is the only way I can think to describe Felicity & Brad's incredible wedding which took place at Lake Crackenback Resort & Spa.

Helen & Simon

The week of Helen & Simon's wedding I was very nervous, not about them (they're wonderful!) but about the weather. It rained all week and it was forecast to rain a lot on their wedding day, Helen and I worked out a backup plan for photos and then a backup for the backup plan! Then you know what happened? It didn't rain! There were dark clouds and one or two stray raindrops...but the forecast storms never came and instead we got perfect photo weather. It was a great day!

Belconnen Arts Center Wedding

Natalie & Graeme

Natalie & Graeme got married at the Belconnen Arts Centre which is a beautiful bright space for a wedding. One of the fun things about Natalie & Graeme's wedding was that there was a theme or a suggested dress code of black and white for all the guests, I was very impressed that everyone followed the guidelines including the celebrant (Annika & I also made sure we matched). I loved the visual effect, especially in the large white room that the ceremony took place in!

Lauren & Tim

Lauren & Tim's wedding was a dream to photograph for a few different reasons: 1. They're are hilarious and heaps of fun to hang out with 2. They chose an amazing location to get married (Grazing) 3. Lauren is super creative so everything looked beautiful, especially the cake which she made! Yep that amazing 1 metre high cake was made by Lauren, she's the brains behind Shakespeare's Cakesphere...if you're looking for a cake then she's your lady! Side note: Annika & I can testify that the cake tasted amazing too, Lauren made sure we got some and it was delicious.

Rowena & Chris

Rowena & Chris are kind of people I could talk to for hours, every time we met we would quickly deviate from wedding talk towards every other topic you can think of, TV (of course), travel, sports...anything really. They made Annika and I feel so welcome at their wedding and I'm just so thankful that they chose us to be their wedding photographers. I was also super impressed with how beautiful everything was at their wedding, when I made this comment to Rowena she replied "I was very careful not to make everything too girly, this is Chris' wedding too"...what a thoughtful bride!

Carlie & Ricky

When I first met Carlie & Ricky and they told me they were getting married on the 4th May cause they love Star Wars (may the fourth be with you), I knew I wanted to shoot their wedding! I had very high expectations going into their wedding that the 'nerd factor' was going to be high and I wasn't disappointed...their wedding was full of everything from Harry Potter to Lord of the Rings (including the vows). Did I also mention that Carlie & Ricky are also amazing swing dancers? Their dance is officially the best first dance I've ever seen...it was amazing!

Chris & Natalie

I was nervous as we drove to Sydney the morning of Natalie & Chris' wedding, we were going to anĀ unfamiliar area and taking the photos of a couple that I'd never met before. But as soon as we arrivedĀ all my anxieties were put to rest...Natalie, her bridesmaids and family made Annika and I feel so welcome. Natalie even made Annika vegemiteĀ on toast cause she wasn't feeling well...what a woman!