Amanda Thorson Amanda Thorson|January 14, 2016|In Wedding

Erin & Ben, even as I write their names I am smiling. I like them a lot.

Erin’s parents own a small winery just outside of Canberra and it was the perfect venue for Erin & Ben’s wedding. The beautiful photo locations and the amazing ceremony setup is literally in their backyard. I don’t know about you, but my parent’s backyard highlights include a clothes line, a BBQ and an abandoned chicken coop. Erin’s family have an old bridge, a vineyard  and a stream…a freaking stream!

Erin & Ben, you’re total babes and we LOVED hanging out with you and you’re families. I’m glad that we’re Facebook friends so I can snoop on your eating and TV watching habits. Thank you for choosing us!

Annika you’re the waterslide to my swimming pool, thanks for second shooting.

Sidenote: If some of these people look familiar you may recognise them from Tegan & James’ wedding, two more of our favourites.


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