Amanda Thorson Amanda Thorson|May 27, 2015|In Wedding

Priyanka & Krishna got married in India, but before they left we did a wedding portrait shoot which was a heap of fun!

You can’t tell from the photos but it was a wicked hot day (if I remember correctly it was close to 40 degrees) and I marched Priyanka & Krishna through fields and forests and they didn’t complain once. Instead they followed all my instructions looking attractive and cool (both types) at all times, even when we stumbled across guy sitting on an esky in the forest playing a trumpet.

Thanks guys for asking me to take your photos and trusting me as I took you around Oaks Estate, probably the least romantic place in the Canberra region.

Priyanka&KrishanBlog-001 Priyanka&KrishanBlog-004 Priyanka&KrishanBlog-002 Priyanka&KrishanBlog-003 Priyanka&KrishanBlog-005 Priyanka&KrishanBlog-006 Priyanka&KrishanBlog-007 Priyanka&KrishanBlog-009 storyboard006 Priyanka&KrishanBlog-008 Priyanka&KrishanBlog-014 Priyanka&KrishanBlog-013 storyboard007 Priyanka&KrishanBlog-016 Priyanka&KrishanBlog-017 Priyanka&KrishanBlog-020 storyboard008 Priyanka&KrishanBlog-019 Priyanka&KrishanBlog-022 Priyanka&KrishanBlog-023 storyboard009 Priyanka&KrishanBlog-026 Priyanka&KrishanBlog-027 Priyanka&KrishanBlog-030 storyboard010 Priyanka&KrishanBlog-029 Priyanka&KrishanBlog-031 Priyanka&KrishanBlog-033 Priyanka&KrishanBlog-035 Priyanka&KrishanBlog-034 Priyanka&KrishanBlog-036 Priyanka&KrishanBlog-037 Priyanka&KrishanBlog-038 Priyanka&KrishanBlog-041 storyboard011 Priyanka&KrishanBlog-042 Priyanka&KrishanBlog-043 storyboard012 Priyanka&KrishanBlog-046 Priyanka&KrishanBlog-044 Priyanka&KrishanBlog-047 storyboard013 Priyanka&KrishanBlog-051 Priyanka&KrishanBlog-052