Skye & Dave

Skye & Dave's wedding was one of the most emotional and best I've ever attended. I won't go into personal details, but leading up to Skye & Dave's big day something huge happened to Skye's family and they seriously considered calling the wedding off. But thankfully they didn't and the wedding went was amazing to see the support of their friends and family! I spent most of the wedding in awe of Skye & Dave's community, they have the most wonderful people around them...people who made sure that their wedding was the terrific!

Rob & Liz

Many of you know that in the Thorson household we have a tradition of eating mexican food and watching B grade "mega" Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus, Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus or Mega Piranha. The only criteria for these movies is that there must be a giant prehistoric animal of some kind and that the star of the movie must be a washed up 80's pop Tiffany. The other important part to these movie nights is that we must always have them with Rob & Liz, so when they got engaged and asked me to be their wedding photographer I was super excited and only a little disappointed that the wedding wasn't going to be mega shark themed.

Georgia & Elliott

Georgia & Elliott's wedding was wonderful, with the perfect amount of laughter and tears. Through out the day Tuli and I just kept saying to each other "isn't this great? These guys are the best!" and then a few minutes later we'd say it again. Thank you so much Georgia & Elliott for choosing us, it was a privilege to take your photos and to be a part of your amazing wedding day!

Ben & Jo

Ben & Jo, I can't help but smile when I think about them! They are so much fun to be around and their wedding day was a blast, with the prefect amount of laughter and tears (a lot of both).

Simon & Gabrielle

As a photographer it's both exciting and super intimidating to take wedding photos of someone with strong creative ideas...that's Gabrielle. She is a graphic designer with amazing style...I knew this the moment I walked into their house (it's beautiful), I also new that I must take their wedding photos cause it was going to be awesome! And it was.

Will & Sam

Will & Sam got married at Redbrow Garden in November last year and it was amazing. The couple, their friends and family put so much energy into every detail and it showed! Words are failing me today, this wedding was just so beautiful (I cried at least three times) and Sam & Will made us feel so welcome...take a look at their photos and you'll understand.

Gihan & Kala

Gihan & Kala's wedding is this Saturday and I'm so excited for it! I hope you enjoy this engagement shoot I did with them in December, we had the best time hanging out on top of the Canberra Center...there's no one around on a Sunday night.

Karen & Shane

Karen & Shane are big TV nerds like me, so as soon as we met it was a perfect match! Their wedding was just so much fun...I had a laughter headache at the end of the day.

Jess & Bernie

Jess & Bernie got married on a Saturday full of weird weather. One minute it was sunny, then the next second it rained and back and forth it went...never quite making up its mind. But Jess & Bernie were so into each other and getting married the weather didn't matter at all (the way it should be!). They're really one of the craziest and funniest couples I've ever photographed, Bernie is also the only groom who's ever accused me of having a crush on him!

Game of Thrones – Wedding Vows

In the sight of the Seven, I hereby see you these two souls, binding them as one for eternity. Look upon one another and say the words. Father. Smith. Warrior. Mother. Maiden. Crone. Stranger. I am his/hers, and s/he is mine, from this day, till the end of my days.

Michelle & Piero

When I first met Michelle and Piero we bonded over People of Walmart and I remember leaving the meeting thinking "this is the best match ever, I love these guys and their wedding is going to be a blast!". Well I wasn't disappointed! Michelle and Piero's wedding was perfect, they put so much effort into organising everything from Sydney and it really showed. There were all sorts of little details (things I never would have thought of) that made the day very personal, for both the couple and their guests. It was one of those days where one second everyone was laughing hysterically and then balling their eyes was awesome!

Mel & Joe

I love Mel and Joe, they are the best! They managed to incorporate zombies into their marriage more proof of how great they are is needed. Throughout their wedding day I had to keep reminding myself, "Amanda these are not your besties be professional!" Because Mel and Joe made us so welcome, I felt more like a guest than the photographer. I don't think I've ever laughed this much at a wedding! Mel and Joe crack me up, to the point where I was struggling to take photos during their speech...I may have been crying with laughter.

Michelle & Piero

Firstly I want to begin by saying that I had a really hard time choosing what images to share with you from this shoot, there were just so many good ones!

Genevieve & James

I loved Genevieve and James' wedding! It was so simple, yet it was missing nothing. There were no bridesmaids, groomsmen, bouquets, white dress or anything really traditionally 'weddingish'. Instead there was an incredible apricot dress, a younger brother's punk band and lots of family and friends. This was a truly balanced wedding where relationships came first and details were almost non-existent.

Reto & Marita

I remember the first time I spoke to Marita, I was at the Fyshwick Fresh Food Markets and my phone rang. I answered and on the other end of the line was one of the coolest brides I've ever had the pleasure of photographing. As soon as we started chatting we hit it off, Marita explained ideas for her wedding...popcorn, fairy floss, a rockabilly band and I responded with excited remarks like "yes!", "perfect!" and "awesome!". Pretty quickly the conversation moved to the fact that Marita's fiancé Reto was Swiss and that they really wanted to incorporate parts of his culture into the wedding day. As I listened to Marita's ideas and learnt more about her and Reto's relationship all I could think was "please book me, please book me, please book me!!!". So needless to say I was super pumped when…