Iris’ Birth

Earlier this year Annika had the pleasure of photographing beautiful baby Iris' entrance into the world. If you're even slightly interested in having us come along and document your birth we're having an information session this Sunday.

Alana & Evan

These two kids are total sunshine, total hilarious sunshine.

Alex & Penny Maternity

I photographed Penny & Alex's wedding years ago and so I was ecstatic when they asked me to take their maternity photos!

Kyle & Lena

Kyle & Lena are self confessed nerds, the first time we met I'm pretty sure there was a (friendly) argument as to which was better...Star Trek or Star Wars. I can't remember who was victorious, but I can reveal my loyalties lay with the Trekkies.


A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting lovely Indie, she is one beautiful baby.

Kiera & Paul

What a wedding.

Erin & Ben

Erin & Ben, even as I write their names I am smiling. I like them a lot.


When Keren asked me to take her birth photos I knew we would be pushed for time. Her first two girls had speedy deliveries and this birth was even faster.

The Spear Family

It rains every time I photograph Mark & Christina, both their engagement and their wedding photos were interrupted by rain. Thankfully this time we'd already planned for an indoor shoot!

Simon & Megan

I love a wedding with no fuss. Simon & Megan's wedding was just that relaxed, fun and easy.

Scott & Joanne

I photographed Scott & Jo's wedding 4 weeks after giving birth, physically it was little rough on my body. But everything else about the day was amazing!

Natasha & Daniel

Tash & Daniel got married a couple of weeks after I gave birth and I was lucky enough to photograph their location, but physically I wasn't up to being there for the whole day. I was bummed I couldn't spend more time with these two cause they're pretty much the nicest ever! But thankfully I have the amazing Annika who took my place and she was assisted by my buddy Tess. Here is what Annika had to say about the day -

Wesley’s Birth

A couple of weeks ago I had the massive pleasure of photographing the birth of my newest nephew Wesley.

Tegan & James

Tegan & James are two of my favourites...unfortunately I didn't get to photograph their wedding.

Allan & Joanne

I love a good engagement shoot! Earlier this year I hung out with Allan & Joanne around O'Connor, it was lovely and Allan pulled a lot of funny faces.

The de Hoog Family

A couple of weeks ago I spent the afternoon with Annika, her beautiful family and their animals. We started the shoot in their backyard and then we went down to their favourite pond to feed the ducks.

Ivana & Sebastian

A couple of weeks before Ivana & Sebastian's wedding we were going over the details for the day..."So you're getting ready at your parents house? What's the address?" I ask Ivana. She laughs "Oh you won't need the house number, you'll know which one it is by the noise".

Sarah & Andrew

Sarah & Andrew got married at the beautiful Ginninderry Homestead.

Ellie & Ben

While I was off having a baby Annika photographed Ellie & Ben's wedding, here's what she had to say about their super stylish day -

Walt Six Weeks

By now you probably have heard that I've had a baby, because I've become on of those crazy Mum's who takes millions of photos of their babies and gets excited when he burps.