Amanda Thorson Amanda Thorson|September 21, 2015|In Birth

A couple of weeks ago I had the massive pleasure of photographing the birth of my newest nephew Wesley.

Many times in life when we have a difficult experience our tendency can be to ignore it, not Josie and Simon. The birth of their first son Gilbert was hard and ended in an emergency caesarean, so even though they were excited to be pregnant again the idea of another labor was overwhelming. But instead of hiding from the inevitable they were determined to do everything in their power to make Wesley’s birth a positive experience and it worked! Josie was a total bad ass, the minute I walked into the room I knew she had it in the bag by the sound of her breathing (she went to yoga with Vedanta too). She was calm and as relaxed as you can be with a baby attempting to exit your body. I was so proud of her.

Thanks Simon and Josie for letting me be apart of this hugely personal experience, it was an honour.


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