Happily ever after

If you’re high maintenance, I’m not the photographer for you. With me your photos will be relaxed, as will the whole experience.


What it isis beautiful

Your shirt may be untucked, your hair messy, and your kids probably won’t sit still. That’s ok. Your photos won’t be perfect, they’ll be you.

“It was like having a friend in the house with us”


Blink and it's over

I’m not going to put your baby in a flower pot. Instead I’ll take relaxed photos of the important stuff…cuddling, breastfeeding and you staring at your baby.


Now or never

I know the idea of photos is exhausting right now, but this isn’t hard work. You’ll stand around in your underwear, we’ll chat while I take photos and you’ll thank me later.

“Truly, it was like hanging out with a friend”


Get your kit off

You have a terrific body now that should be celebrated. I’ll take natural photos, no awkward posing or sexy transformations. You’ll look like yourself… in your underwear.