July 4 & 15

Like school photos, but better

Our kids grow fast and the closer we are to them the easier it is to miss the subtle changes. A traditional portrait is a window, a marker of exactly how your child looked at that stage of life. These photos aren’t about big smiles, they’re about the little things – the freckles, the missing teeth and bad haircuts.

Don’t get us wrong we LOVE natural and fun photographs, but these as different. These are a new take on the pictures we had as kids in the department store portrait studio…only cooler.


1 photo1 print50 dollars

Is the shoot really only $50? Yep. This isn’t a con, you get one hi-res image and one A4 fine art print included in the price. We’ll send you the image proofs after the shoot so that you can select your favourite photo, that way you know you’ll love your print.


You've got questions

When and where is this happening? July 4 & 15 at our Ainslie studio.

Are you going to pressure me into buying anything else? Nope, there is no sales session and no hard sell. We really just want you to have this one beautiful photo.

Can I buy more if I want to? We think one is enough but if you’re having a hard time choosing we won’t stop you from giving us more money. Extra digital files are $40 each and fine art prints start at $15 for a 5×7.

I’ve got a few kids, how should I book? Just book a few shoots in back to back. Send us an email if you can’t find suitable spots and we’ll see if we can figure something out.

Can we get a photo of the whole family? Not this time but we may consider doing family shoots in the future if there’s enough interest.