Amanda Thorson Amanda Thorson|June 19, 2017|In Birth

I got the call to come during the Wiggles concert, so I left the kids with Caleb and headed to the hospital as quickly as possible.

I entered to find everyone look exhausted, but happy as Tory had just received an epidural. She had been induced early that morning and had been labouring all day, so by 5pm it was nice for her to be having a rest. As she and Rowan tried to sleep, the midwife and doctor came in and out a few times checking on the babies progress. A couple of hours after I arrived they informed Tory that things had stalled and that they would be taking her down to attempt a forceps delivery and if that wasn’t successful she would be having a c-section. Tory was so relaxed and took everything in her stride, she was amazing.

As she got wheeled away with Rowan by her side, her Mum and God Mother (Lou Lou and Lu Lu) settled in for the long wait. There was lots of pacing and reassurances that everything was going to be alright, then finally a text message.