Amanda Thorson Amanda Thorson|July 13, 2017|In Birth

All women who are afraid to give birth need to watch Alix, this amazing lady made pushing a baby out look easy.

Usually when I’m photographing people’s births I tend to keep quite, I take photos and stay out of the way. But Alix wanted to chat, so I followed her lead and every once and while she would pause, hold up a finger and silently have a contraction…then our conversation would resume. Then after about 5 hours things got serious, Alix moved to the bed for a while to rest and then all of a sudden she said “I need to get in the bath” and about 15 minutes later Boston was born. She is a birthing star.

Thank you Alix and Adam for having me coming into your lives for such a huge occasion, I feel so honoured to have been their to witness Boston’s entrance into the world. You guys are the best.

*Notice I included the ‘contractions in the common area’ shots when the man asked you to move out of the way of the microwave so he could get his noodles…during a contraction!