Amanda Thorson Amanda Thorson|May 18, 2017|In Wedding

Lara & Jason are totally nuts in the best kind of way, they’re hilarious and pretty much the most fun ever.

I first met these guys at Alissar & Nabil’s beautiful wedding and we hit it off right away. So when they approached me to take their wedding photos it was a no brainer, YES!

I came home from Lara & Jason’s wedding with a headache from laughing so much, there was just so much craziness, lots of dancing and rapping.

Thank you so, so, so much Lara & Jason for choosing me to take your wedding photos and more importantly for being my Facebook friend. I love seeing your who wore it better and matching outfit posts, I’m glad we’re buddies. Also thank you Annika for second shooting, you’re the milk to my shake.