Amanda Thorson Amanda Thorson|May 12, 2016|In Birth

Earlier this year Annika had the pleasure of photographing beautiful baby Iris’ entrance into the world. If you’re even slightly interested in having us come along and document your birth we’re having an information session this Sunday.

This is the story of Iris’ birth written beautifully by Nicole –

Labour snuck up on me and that’s saying something given that I’m a midwife. One moment I was binge watching Sherlock Holmes with my partner, Brad, and the next moment I had a contraction and then another and then another. I laboured at home throughout the night with my lovely and attentive dogs, Honey and Atticus, and my TENS machine (it’s pink and fabulous) before heading in to the hospital in the early hours of the morning and then heading home again and then heading back in to the hospital. Classic first time mother over here.

Throughout my labour at the hospital I was surrounded by people who made me feel safe including Brad, my midwife Michelle, and midwifery colleagues who popped in and out when needed.

My expectation with my labour was that I would be able to let go and not feel like I had to control everything and friends, it did not work that way. My mind was a pain in my backside. I have witnessed so many truly beautiful births, whether they be normal or include some type of intervention, and despite the fact that I was labouring and progressing really well there were a lot of doom and gloom scenarios popping into my head. Seriously, it was like Armageddon up there… it was this feeling of losing control that makes me appreciate my birth photos so much because what they show is someone that looks calm and powerful.

My favourite part of my labour was the moment I looked down and could see the top of Iris’s head because I knew that Brad and I were so close to meeting this person we had been waiting for. Once she was born everything blurred a little but I do remember looking down and saying ‘that’s Iris’. We didn’t know we were having a girl and I am so glad that we waited to find out because it was the most wonderful surprise.

Once Iris was placed on my chest I finally let go because she had arrived and she was perfect.

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