August’s Birth

When Katie & Jez, the amazing photography duo behind Heartstory, asked me to take their birth photos I was totally flattered and more than a little bit nervous!

Levi’s Birth

I met Antoinette & John pretty close to their due date and the minute we met I liked them.

Boston’s Birth

All women who are afraid to give birth need to watch Alix, this amazing lady made pushing a baby out look easy.

Bear’s Birth

I got the call to come during the Wiggles concert, so I left the kids with Caleb and headed to the hospital as quickly as possible.

My Birth Story (number two)

If you read my last birth story you would know that I had three false starts with my labour and so going into this one I thought 'my body had done this before, it knows what it's doing...when my labour starts it will be starting for real'. Boy was I wrong.

Iris’ Birth

Earlier this year Annika had the pleasure of photographing beautiful baby Iris' entrance into the world. If you're even slightly interested in having us come along and document your birth we're having an information session this Sunday.


When Keren asked me to take her birth photos I knew we would be pushed for time. Her first two girls had speedy deliveries and this birth was even faster.

Wesley’s Birth

A couple of weeks ago I had the massive pleasure of photographing the birth of my newest nephew Wesley.

My Birth Story

Warning: This post contains my birth photos. They're very tasteful, but they're still of me giving other words there is a lot of my skin exposed.