Amanda Thorson Amanda Thorson|September 7, 2017|In Birth

I met Antoinette & John pretty close to their due date and the minute we met I liked them. They were fun, easy to get along with and seemingly unfazed by the fact they we’re going to have a baby very soon!

Antoinette messaged me at 6am to say that she’d been having contractions since 2am, so me not wanting to miss anything told her to rest and I jumped in the shower ready to go! It wasn’t till about 10pm that I met them at the hospital and started photographing this amazing process. By 7am Antoinette got an internal check and she was not as far along as originally thought, so I left them to rest and I went home to bed (and to feed my baby).

I heard from John in the early afternoon that Antoinette had made great progress and was now 7cm dilated, so back to the hospital I went. I entered to find Antoinette in the bath labouring beautifully (another silent labourer with no drugs…just like Alix, these women are amazing!) and I started to get excited because these two were going to meet their baby soon! But unfortunately for Antoinette she stalled again, this time at 8cm. So the doctor got her out of the bath and gave her an oxytocin drip to help her get from 8-10cm.

Things started to move along nicely and then it was time for Antoinette to push. By this time it was around 8pm and she had been going for so long and was exhausted, so after two hours she got a little assistance with suction (the reason why there are so many people in the room) and beautiful Levi was born.

What an honour it was to witness this little man enter to world and to watch his incredible and strong Mum do her thing.

Antoinette and John, thank you so much for asking me to be apart of your lives in this way. I loved watching you take care of each other and how every once and a while John would give a thumbs up. You guys are the best.