Cooper Family

Yep, these guys have a skate ramp in their backyard

Chancellor Family

The slightly chaotic life of having a baby and a toddler

What to Expect

I've put together this little guide so you have a step by step understanding of what your photoshoot will look like.

Family Photo Tips

Hopefully this list will help you prepare for your photo shoot and make everything run as smoothly as possible.

What to Wear

Now is the time to start planning what you would like to wear to your family photo shoot

Great Locations for Your Family Photo Shoot

Yeah you could do it in a park somewhere, but why not try one of these places instead


We talked about our bodies, about travel, about babies...sort of everything. It was a lovely afternoon.

Baby Heath

These early days...where your brain is foggy, you're sleep deprived and you can't stop staring at your new favourite person.

Baby Olivia

I met Olivia when she was five weeks old

Brenna & Alfie

You all know how much I love naked mums and babies, is there anything more beautiful?

Ally & Rory

I just loved the intimacy of this shoot and how Rory reached for his mum.


I love taking maternity photos for the second pregnancy, having a toddler and a pregnant belly together is gold.