I love meeting mums, I love hearing their stories and about their breastfeeding journeys. Esther and I had great chats about making mum friends (or not making them 😆) and juggling study and parenting. It was super fun.

Brenna & Alfie

When Brenna first contacted me I did a little happy dance (in my mind I'm not actually that into physical dance) because she wanted a shoot with her and her baby minimal clothes.

Griffin Family

Some people just have a way with words (especially Laura because she is a copy writer) so I thought I would share what she wrote after their family shoot.


When I photographed Jayde and Chris' beautiful wedding last year Jayde said to me "Amanda, I'm going to get pregnant after this and I want you to take naked maternity photos of me". True to her word she booked in for her shoot as soon as she was pregnant 😆

Kumar Family

It's so much fun having families into my studio, where they can be relaxed and not worried about having to clean their house for photos :)

Alice & Daniel

A worldwide pandemic has a way of changing your wedding.

Rolf & Stephanie

Rolf drove Stephanie to her year 12 the same car as he drove her to their wedding in. It's pretty much the cutest thing ever.

Allen Family

After having to reschedule a couple of times we finally made this shoot happen and it was worth the wait ❤️

Jayde & Chris

These two are a great big pile of fun and their wedding was epic.

Jared & Jess

Sometimes things don't go to plan, like the weather, like gale force winds.


There is nothing quite like the intimacy between a mother and child, how their bodies are so familiar and close. Warning: hold onto your ovaries when you look at this shoot.

Baby Edith

Making a baby isn't always easy, sometimes it's devastating and then while you're learning how to function through the devastation a miracle happens. Edith.

Joanne & David

Joanne & David's wedding was a party, good food, good friends and not much formality. It was super fun.

Damian & Elise

These two made me laugh till I almost wet my pants.