Olivia & Steve

Olivia & Steve got married at the always wonderful Poachers Pantry where you have the perfect combination of a beautiful location and smoked meats.

Thomas & Sasha

These two. Thomas and Sasha. Sometimes it's hard to find words to describe how amazing weddings are. Just look at the pictures and hopefully they will give you an idea.


Mem has the hardest breastfeeding journey I've ever heard...a year on and she's still in pain every time she feeds.

Baby Alessia

I love going into people's homes during their babies first few weeks of life. Watching people navigate this whole new world of parenting and loving their new baby more than they could have imagined.

Bales Family

Every September I get to photograph this amazing family, this year we hung around their house reading books, riding scooters and playing in the veggie garden.


Isn't it funny how people have these ideas of how a pregnant woman should look? No matter what we do we're either too small or too big...

Pettit Family

I absolutely love it when couples come to me for wedding photos and then family photos (again and again and again). Tom and Karishma have been one of those couples for me and it's been so much fun watching their family grow!!!

Baby Theo

These early days of very little sleep and hibernation are the best. Everything is so new and fresh including your baby. I love getting a glimpse of these days when I go and photograph newborn babies, because for me they're long gone ❤️ Meet baby Theo.


One of my biggest regrets is not having photos taken when I was pregnant, I was slow and swollen and the last thing I wanted to do was be photographed.

Ebony & Parker

Ebony was a bridesmaid in a wedding I photographed last year and I remember being a total creeper and watching her breastfeed tiny newborn Parker. I apologised at the time and explained how I was feeling a little nostalgic because I'd just weaned my daughter.

Baby Jean

I love meeting tiny newborn babies, but it's even more fun when it's your friends having their first baby!

Leedon Family

I love going into families homes and photographing them as they are, nothing fancy or fussy, just their lives.

Roisin & Nick

St Christophers was a beautiful backdrop to Nick & Roisin's totally glamorous wedding.

Jonno & Emily

A swing dancer and a blues musician got married and it was epic.

Carly & Brett

Carly has been waxing my eye brows for years, I'd sit in her chair and we'd talk about life and sports while she pulled tiny hairs from my face. We bonded. So when she and Brett asked me to take their wedding photos my answer was a giant YES!!!!

Nilofar & Tara

Weddings have been known to be overrun with stuff...flowers, food, dresses and yes even photography. But ultimately they're about people.

Curnow Family

I've been photographing this lovely little family for years, before Huck even existed.

Peters Family

We had a good laugh because last time I photographed Leigh & Graham it was in their home and Flynn was a newborn and the house was tidy. This time round their life and their house isn't quiet so neat with baby Lena added to the mix...that's why they went for a studio shoot. Toddlers + newborns = crazy times.