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  • Is My House Nice Enough?

    Some women get nervous at the thought of me coming and photographing them in their homes. They like their spaces, but they don’t feel like their homes are glamorous enough. So today I’m going to share with you some photos of Josie’s lovely home and the photos that I took there. Just to give you an…

  • Veikkanen Family

    Adam and Fiona not only have five beautiful children, but they also are the geniuses behind the Polo Restaurant…yep they’re total overachievers. Sweet baby number five (at the time only known as ‘Gum nut’) arrived on Christmas Eve and so I popped over a few days later to photograph them all enjoying their summer holidays…

  • Lauren & Luke

    These two. I’ve been waiting for this wedding for a long time, I photographed both their siblings weddings and so when Lauren and Luke contacted me I was so excited!

  • Ruby

    Ruby was my first paying boudoir client. Before that I had conned friends, friends of friends and past brides to take their clothes off for me.

  • Alana

    I took Alana’s wedding photos a few years ago and so was super excited when she contacted me for a boudoir shoot, she’s a fun cookie to hangout with.

  • Emma

    Emma gave me hope as we chatted, sharing about taking naps, reading books and having time to go the gym.

  • My Business Goals, Not Just For This Year, But Forever.

    New Year’s resolutions, we make them, we break them. That’s why I hadn’t planned on making any new goals moving into this year (besides my personal goal of wearing larger old lady underwear). For me, goals need to be set when the time is right, when you’re ready to change and not just when the…

  • Lee & Charissa

    Charissa & Lee are surprising and hilarious. Some people you meet are easy to categorise, to fit into a box. Not these two, they’re unlike anyone I’ve ever met before and boy is that a good thing.

  • Boudoir – The Whole Story

    Earlier this year I started shooting boudoir full of energy and excitement…then it stalled. Essentially what happened was the hotel I was photographing in found out and told me that 1. I wasn’t allowed to photograph there anymore and 2. I could no longer use all the photos I had already taken. I was very…

  • What I’ve Learned – My Body and Having a Daughter

    I didn’t think it would be that different having a girl, but this fat little baby has totally changed how I see myself.

  • Pat Meets Alex

    Meeting your newborn baby brother is the best.

  • Ally & Jon

    It’s always the most flattering thing when you take people’s portraits and then they come back again.

  • Edie Newborn

    You might recognise Jemima & Dan from their rainy wedding and now they have added sweet baby Edie to their family. These guys are pretty much the best and some of my favourites.

  • Nick & Claire

    When I think of Nick & Claire a couple of things jump to mind, first they’re super fun and hilarious to hangout with and secondly they have amazing taste.

  • Bales Family

    This is my favourite, hanging out with families in their homes and I love hearing about people’s lives. This particular day we talked about everything from Frozen to Academy (yes that Academy), child birth to veggie gardens. It was a stack of fun.

  • Felicity & Brad Maternity

    It’s the best when couples I’ve photographed before come back…with babies in their belly!

  • This year I failed…twice

    So this is hard to write, what I really want to do is hide under a rock and never tell anyone about my failures. But who does that help? I still will have failed and other people who’ve failed too will feel alone. Other failures of the world I’m here to publicly join you!

  • Katherine & Evan

    Sometimes you meet people in life and it feels like you’ve known them forever. That’s how it was with Kat & Evan. 

  • Levi’s Birth

    I met Antoinette & John pretty close to their due date and the minute we met I liked them. They were fun, easy to get along with and seemingly unfazed by the fact they we’re going to have a baby very soon!

  • Margot 6 Months

    So when Walt turned 6 months old I stuck him on our bed and took a few snaps, not to play favourites I did the same thing with Margot. (Walt & Caleb also make an appearance in this shoot)