Ruby was my first paid boudoir shoot. Before that I had conned friends, friends of friends and past brides to take their clothes off for me. So as I arrived at her house I was crapping my pants. Not because I was taking Ruby’s photos, I take photos of people all the time, but because I was taking photos of Ruby in her underwear and I knew how hard we can all be on ourselves. I didn’t want her to be critical of herself when she saw these images, I wanted her to love them and to love herself more. That’s why I was nervous.

As soon as I arrived my nervousness evaporated. Ruby and I chatted as I shot, talking mainly about our children (she also has two under three, but much closer together…what a champ!), families, jobs and bodies. We just got to know each other and it was good. We talked about our daughters and the pressure we felt to love our bodies so that we could be an example to them. After the shoot when I wrote asking about sharing images she replied: “As for which photos you can show, after our conversation about raising daughters – I’m happy with any of them, gotta send the right message hey!” As I said, she’s a champ.

When I was leaving a bird pooped in my hair, but nothing could bring me down after spending such a wonderful afternoon with Ruby. I just rubbed it into my hair and went on with my day. If you’re into omens and stuff hopefully it was a good luck sign of things to come.

Please get in touch if you want me to come over to your place, chat and take a few photos of you in your underwear.