What to Expect

Yes, you've booked your boudoir shoot with me! So what's actually going to happen? I've put together this little guide so you have a step by step understanding of what your photoshoot will look like.

What to Wear

You've booked your photo shoot with me! You're excited...and then you think about outfits and you start stressing.


Going into different women's homes can be a little nerve racking, never knowing what I'm going to get. I'm not worried about how people look, more about the unfamiliar spaces and meeting new people...people who won't be wearing any clothes :)


Katie is a kindred spirit of mine, whenever she posts things on social media I know we're on the same page. Newish mums who are trying to navigate a whole world of parenting whilst learning to love our bodies ?


A little bit of Mindy and her story -

Is My House Nice Enough?

Some women get nervous at the thought of me coming and photographing them in their homes. They like their spaces, but they don't feel like their homes are glamorous enough. So today I'm going to share with you some photos of Josie's lovely home and the photos that I took there. Just to give you an idea of what your home could look like!


Ruby was my first paid boudoir shoot. Before that I had conned friends, friends of friends and past brides to take their clothes off for me.


I took Alana's wedding photos a few years ago and so was super excited when she contacted me for a boudoir shoot, she's a fun cookie to hangout with.


Emma gave me hope as we chatted, sharing about taking naps, reading books and having time to go the gym.