Amanda Thorson Amanda Thorson|November 21, 2011|In Wedding

I remember the first time I spoke to Marita, I was at the Fyshwick Fresh Food Markets and my phone rang. I answered and on the other end of the line was one of the coolest brides I’ve ever had the pleasure of photographing. As soon as we started chatting we hit it off, Marita explained ideas for her wedding…popcorn, fairy floss, a rockabilly band and I responded with excited remarks like “yes!”, “perfect!” and “awesome!”. Pretty quickly the conversation moved to the fact that Marita’s fiancĂ© Reto was Swiss and that they really wanted to incorporate parts of his culture into the wedding day. As I listened to Marita’s ideas and learnt more about her and Reto’s relationship all I could think was “please book me, please book me, please book me!!!”. So needless to say I was super pumped when I found out the couple wanted me as their photographer.

Their wedding day was wonderful. There were amazing details, fun Swiss games, trips to the lolly shop…but most of all it was about relationships. The way the couple looked at each other all day, Marita’s huge family, the song that Marita sang Reto and the Skype call that the couple received during the reception from their friends in Switzerland. They have an amazing support system.

Lastly I just want to give a shout out to Marita’s style. She knew what she wanted and went with it! She designed her own dress and even threw a packet of salt and vinegar chips instead of a bouquet…she’s pretty much a champion. Reto is a lucky man and he knows it…but by no means does he fall short of Marita. We had a good laugh during our location time talking about how he had that whole “dreamy European” thing going on. I’m pretty sure he thought Marita and I were crazy!

Thanks to Annika who was my second on the day.