What to Expect

Yes, you've booked your shoot with me! So what's actually going to happen? I've put together this little guide so you have a step by step understanding of what your photoshoot will look like.

Family Photo Tips

Good preparation makes everything easier right? Hopefully this list will help you prepare for your photo shoot and make everything run as smoothly as possible.

What to Wear

You've booked your photo shoot with me! You're excited...and then you think about outfits and you start stressing.

Great Locations for Your Family Photo Shoot

You’re probably thinking you want your photos in a local park. After all, isn’t that where everyone gets family photos?

Ffrench Family

You know what makes my job easier? When people bring in very cute smiley babies for me to photograph!

Warren Family

I loved this shoot so much, but I'll let Nerida tell you how she felt instead of me.

Griffin Family

Some people just have a way with words (especially Laura because she is a copy writer) so I thought I would share what she wrote after their family shoot.

Kumar Family

It's so much fun having families into my studio, where they can be relaxed and not worried about having to clean their house for photos :)

Allen Family

After having to reschedule a couple of times we finally made this shoot happen and it was worth the wait ❤️

Bales Family

Every September I get to photograph this amazing family, this year we hung around their house reading books, riding scooters and playing in the veggie garden.

Pettit Family

I absolutely love it when couples come to me for wedding photos and then family photos (again and again and again). Tom and Karishma have been one of those couples for me and it's been so much fun watching their family grow!!!

Baby Theo

These early days of very little sleep and hibernation are the best. Everything is so new and fresh including your baby. I love getting a glimpse of these days when I go and photograph newborn babies, because for me they're long gone ❤️ Meet baby Theo.

Baby Jean

I love meeting tiny newborn babies, but it's even more fun when it's your friends having their first baby!