As I sit down to write this letter I feel uncomfortable. I’m supposed to sell myself, to tell you all the reasons why you should choose me to take your photos and how amazing I am at my job. But the fact is that this isn’t about me, it’s about you.

So instead of listing my accomplishments I’ll make a list of my promises to you –

  • I’ll work my ass off – I don’t care if your wedding is a hipster wonderland or if you get married behind a service station in Charnwood, if you hire me you’ll get my very best.
  • Posing will be kept to a minimum – No weird backbends or leaning against motorbikes will be included in your wedding day photos.
  • We’ll have fun – Photos won’t be serious or boring, I’ll keep things as relaxed as possible.
  • I’ll only be bossy when necessary – Like during family photos.

My last and most significant promise is that photos, even though important, won’t be the focus of your wedding day. Photos will be in the background watching and noting everything that is essential to your wedding day – your relationships and the commitment you’re making.

Good luck with all your planning and remember don’t lose sight of what’s important – a giant ass wedding cake.