Dear people in search of a wedding photographer,

As I sit down to write this letter I feel uncomfortable.

Margot 6 Months

So when Walt turned 6 months old I stuck him on our bed and took a few snaps, not to play favourites I did the same thing with Margot. (Walt & Caleb also make an appearance in this shoot)

My Birth Story (number two)

If you read my last birth story you would know that I had three false starts with my labour and so going into this one I thought 'my body had done this before, it knows what it's doing...when my labour starts it will be starting for real'. Boy was I wrong.

Walt Six Weeks

By now you probably have heard that I've had a baby, because I've become on of those crazy Mum's who takes millions of photos of their babies and gets excited when he burps.

My Birth Story

Warning: This post contains my birth photos. They're very tasteful, but they're still of me giving other words there is a lot of my skin exposed.