Natural boudoir.
If that’s even possible.

Your body is good, it is great, it is excellent NOW. Most women spend their lives waiting, waiting to lose weight, to get fit, to smooth out their bumpy bits and in the process they miss out on enjoying what they have. A body is a vessel, that allows them to love, to be loved, to live. As jiggly, stretched, sick or strong as you body is, it is good.

Get your kit off.

It’s a little awkward at first but you’ll get used to it.

Feel good.

I can’t promise to change your life but my hope is that these photos will show you what your friends and family see. They see you as you are and you are good.

Ditch the boa.

If you’re a Bonds girl, wear your basic briefs. If you love lace, lace it is. And if you’re a closet nudist you can just wear what the good Lord gave you.

Be you.

These photos aren’t going to turn you into a weird oversexed version of yourself, you’ll look like you, in your underwear.

How it works.

I’ll come to your house, yep your house with your dirty clothes stuffed under the bed and stain on the carpet that you hid under a rug. It’s your house, it’s a good house. You’re going to do your hair and makeup, then kick out your family for a couple of hours and have a good laugh while I photograph you in your underwear.

You’ve got questions.

How much?
It costs $700. I’ll come to your house for about 2 hours and in the end you’ll have 30 hi-res digital images in a gallery, yours to do with as you please. Prints are also available for purchase.

Who exactly will be taking my photos?
Me, Amanda.

Am I hot enough?
Absolutely. Everyone looks good in underwear. I won’t make you do weird poses but I will think about what’s flattering to your body type.

I’m awkward in front of a camera, does that matter?
Maybe at first. Nobody is completely comfortable in the beginning but we’ll get there. I promise.

Do I have to get naked?
Of course not. Wear whatever you’re comfortable with.

My house isn’t great, can we do it somewhere else?
Your house is probably better than you think. As long as we can find some decent light the pictures will look great.

No seriously, can we do it somewhere else?
Sure. I’m more than happy to photograph you in a hotel room instead.

Will you post my photos on your website?
Not without your explicit permission. If you do wish to let me use some photos we’ll have a discussion about which ones you’re comfortable sharing.

I like the idea but I’m not sure it’s for me.
Please get in touch anyway and let me talk you into it.

Is this technically even boudoir?
I don’t know. Probably not.

Still have questions? Ask me anything.

OK, let’s take
your photos.

Send me an email, message me on Facebook, or use the form below. If you’re weird and would prefer to call, you can do that too. My number is 0401 399 163.

Let’s socialise.

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