It’s always the most flattering thing when you take people’s portraits and then they come back again. It might be brides and grooms coming back with babies or like in Ally’s case being a bridesmaid and inviting me to photograph her own wedding, it makes me feel like a million bucks.

Ally & Jon got married at the beautiful Wallaroo Wines and had the wedding catered by Mr Papa…which was delicious (they fed Annika & I like stars). It was a wedding focused on people, in a stunning location with incredible food…essentially it was the perfect wedding. You could tell just by watching Ally & Jon’s friends just how loved they are as a couple, everyone really wanted to be at this wedding (including us).

Thank you so much Ally & Jon for choosing us to take your wedding photos, it felt like we were photographing old friends. We loved watching how the two of you interacted, how you kicked the football and were utterly and completely yourselves around each other. We like you ALOT.

Thanks to my sidekick Annika, you’re the film to my camera (or the memory card in our case).