Amanda Thorson Amanda Thorson|January 22, 2018|In Wedding

These two. I’ve been waiting for this wedding for a long time, I photographed both their siblings weddings and so when Lauren and Luke contacted me I was so excited!

I remember watching them at Katie & Daniel’s wedding standing in the kitchen together being fresh and cute. Then I stood in that same kitchen photographing Lauren preparing to marry Luke, it made me super happy.

These two are as lovely as they are good looking, just a total joy to be around. They’re wedding day was freezing, I mean north of the wall freezing. But Lauren & Luke and their bridal party were amazing and such good sports about having to be out in the cold winds.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Lauren & Luke for choosing me to be your wedding photographer. I meant even more because you’ve come back to me even though you know that I’m a little weird, you guys are the best.

Thank you Cass for being a wonderful second shooter, you’ve made Annika being on maternity leave almost painless (the only pain is missing Anni). You’re an awesome photographer and I appreciate how bossy you can be when necessary.