Amanda Thorson Amanda Thorson|October 11, 2017|In Wedding

When I think of Nick & Claire a couple of things jump to mind, first they’re super fun and hilarious to hangout with and secondly they have amazing taste.

From the minute I walked into their home it was clear they like beautiful things (which makes the fact they chose me even more flattering), everything was spotless and perfectly planned. Nick & Claire’s wedding was just like their home, super classy and far from boring. They got married on Easter weekend and so their guests were treated to hot cross buns and Easter eggs and on top of that their reception was at Parlour! So good.

Claire and Nick you put on a cracker of a wedding, thank you so much for letting us to apart of it. You made every minute relaxed and fun, also thank you for letting us take photos in the bath…you’re freaking amazing.

Annika, you second shooting star. You’re the water to my slide.