Sarah and I talked in depth about if it was ok to just have a shoot with just one of your children and I loved the idea!


I love meeting mums, I love hearing their stories and about their breastfeeding journeys. Esther and I had great chats about making mum friends (or not making them 😆) and juggling study and parenting. It was super fun.

Brenna & Alfie

When Brenna first contacted me I did a little happy dance (in my mind I'm not actually that into physical dance) because she wanted a shoot with her and her baby minimal clothes.


There is nothing quite like the intimacy between a mother and child, how their bodies are so familiar and close. Warning: hold onto your ovaries when you look at this shoot.


Mem has the hardest breastfeeding journey I've ever heard...a year on and she's still in pain every time she feeds.

Ebony & Parker

Ebony was a bridesmaid in a wedding I photographed last year and I remember being a total creeper and watching her breastfeed tiny newborn Parker. I apologised at the time and explained how I was feeling a little nostalgic because I'd just weaned my daughter.

Alana & Huck

These first months when your baby is still connected to your body, when they almost feel like another limb...a limb that cuddles and wakes you up in the night when they're hungry. This time slips past so quickly.

Lauren & Pop

I'm currently photographing mothers and daughters and the very different and incredible bond they share. Recently Lauren and 'Pop' can into the studio and afterwards Lauren does a post that sums up everything ❤️

Emma & Immy

Having a daughter changed everything. It's a new bond that I've never known before and so I'm currently in the process of photographing other mothers and daughters, exploring this love which so new and different to me.