Ffrench Family

You know what makes my job easier? When people bring in very cute smiley babies for me to photograph!

Baby Edith

Making a baby isn't always easy, sometimes it's devastating and then while you're learning how to function through the devastation a miracle happens. Edith.

Baby Alessia

I love going into people's homes during their babies first few weeks of life. Watching people navigate this whole new world of parenting and loving their new baby more than they could have imagined.

Baby Theo

These early days of very little sleep and hibernation are the best. Everything is so new and fresh including your baby. I love getting a glimpse of these days when I go and photograph newborn babies, because for me they're long gone ❤️ Meet baby Theo.

Baby Jean

I love meeting tiny newborn babies, but it's even more fun when it's your friends having their first baby!

Curnow Family

I've been photographing this lovely little family for years, before Huck even existed.

Peters Family

We had a good laugh because last time I photographed Leigh & Graham it was in their home and Flynn was a newborn and the house was tidy. This time round their life and their house isn't quiet so neat with baby Lena added to the mix...that's why they went for a studio shoot. Toddlers + newborns = crazy times.

Isabelle Newborn

I met Ellisa a few months back when I did her maternity shoot, so I was very excited to come and photograph her new lovely baby Isabelle ❤


Breastfeeding is hard work, it can be a tricky skill to master and it's not always easy being a human milk bar. But it's also a freaking amazing way to bond with your children and I love photographing this bond.

Baby Louis

Megan, Ben and Louis were all feeling fresh when I arrived for their shoot because Louis had slept for four full hours the night before! Once you have children you celebrate the little things ❤️

Veikkanen Family

Adam and Fiona not only have five beautiful children, but they also are the geniuses behind the Polo Restaurant...yep they're total overachievers.

Pat Meets Alex

Meeting your newborn baby brother is the best.

Edie Newborn

You might recognise Jemima & Dan from their rainy wedding and now they have added sweet baby Edie to their family. These guys are pretty much the best and some of my favourites.


You might recognise this lovely family from their newborn shoot not so long ago. Well Erin & Jimmy have added another beautiful daughter to their clan...sweet Daisy.


A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting lovely Indie, she is one beautiful baby.

The Spear Family

It rains every time I photograph Mark & Christina, both their engagement and their wedding photos were interrupted by rain. Thankfully this time we'd already planned for an indoor shoot!