Rolf & Stephanie

Rolf drove Stephanie to her year 12 the same car as he drove her to their wedding in. It's pretty much the cutest thing ever.

Brittney & Nathan

Sometimes things don’t go exactly to plan… like you hurt yourself at the gym and you have to wear a big black boot to your wedding. 

Lee & Charissa

Charissa & Lee are surprising and hilarious. Some people you meet are easy to categorise, to fit into a box. Not these two, they're unlike anyone I've ever met before and boy is that a good thing.

Emily & Rory

Wow I'm behind with sharing weddings, the whole pregnancy and then having two kids thing has really been sucking my time! But even if this wedding was a year ago, it doesn't change how super fun and beautiful it was.

Lauren & Kurt

It's been a while! Sorry it's taken me so long to post something new, the baby in my belly has been sucking all my energy. But the wedding I'm sharing with you today is worth the wait, it's a total cracker!

Tanya & Tim

Oh my goodness I haven't blogged in so long, it's not because I have a lack of beautiful weddings to's because I'm pregnant and slow. But today I've finally caught up on all my other work and that means I have time to blog Tanya & Tim's freaking beautiful wedding!

Grazing Gundaroo Wedding

Freya & Dane

Freya & Dane are the best, sometimes I hate having to write a 'wedding description' because words fail to show how great the day really was...this was one of those occasions. So instead of trying to write something creative I'll give you the facts: 1. Freya & Dane are hilarious. 2. Their wedding party are also hilarious. 3. The weather was weird.

Helen & Simon

The week of Helen & Simon's wedding I was very nervous, not about them (they're wonderful!) but about the weather. It rained all week and it was forecast to rain a lot on their wedding day, Helen and I worked out a backup plan for photos and then a backup for the backup plan! Then you know what happened? It didn't rain! There were dark clouds and one or two stray raindrops...but the forecast storms never came and instead we got perfect photo weather. It was a great day!

Lauren & Tim

Lauren & Tim's wedding was a dream to photograph for a few different reasons: 1. They're are hilarious and heaps of fun to hang out with 2. They chose an amazing location to get married (Grazing) 3. Lauren is super creative so everything looked beautiful, especially the cake which she made! Yep that amazing 1 metre high cake was made by Lauren, she's the brains behind Shakespeare's Cakesphere...if you're looking for a cake then she's your lady! Side note: Annika & I can testify that the cake tasted amazing too, Lauren made sure we got some and it was delicious.

Ben & Jo

Ben & Jo, I can't help but smile when I think about them! They are so much fun to be around and their wedding day was a blast, with the prefect amount of laughter and tears (a lot of both).

Karen & Shane

Karen & Shane are big TV nerds like me, so as soon as we met it was a perfect match! Their wedding was just so much fun...I had a laughter headache at the end of the day.