Kate & Pat

Kate & Pat got married at the beautiful Lanyon Homestead on the south side of Canberra.

Alice & Daniel

A worldwide pandemic has a way of changing your wedding.

Rolf & Stephanie

Rolf drove Stephanie to her year 12 formal....in the same car as he drove her to their wedding in. It's pretty much the cutest thing ever.

Jayde & Chris

These two are a great big pile of fun and their wedding was epic.

Jared & Jess

Sometimes things don't go to plan, like the weather, like gale force winds.

Joanne & David

Joanne & David's wedding was a party, good food, good friends and not much formality. It was super fun.

Damian & Elise

These two made me laugh till I almost wet my pants.

Olivia & Steve

Olivia & Steve got married at the always wonderful Poachers Pantry where you have the perfect combination of a beautiful location and smoked meats.

Thomas & Sasha

These two. Thomas and Sasha. Sometimes it's hard to find words to describe how amazing weddings are. Just look at the pictures and hopefully they will give you an idea.

Roisin & Nick

St Christophers was a beautiful backdrop to Nick & Roisin's totally glamorous wedding.

Jonno & Emily

A swing dancer and a blues musician got married and it was epic.

Carly & Brett

Carly has been waxing my eye brows for years, I'd sit in her chair and we'd talk about life and sports while she pulled tiny hairs from my face. We bonded. So when she and Brett asked me to take their wedding photos my answer was a giant YES!!!!

Nilofar & Tara

Weddings have been known to be overrun with stuff...flowers, food, dresses and yes even photography. But ultimately they're about people.

Sam & Nic

These two got married in a cave!!! Yep like a real cave with bats, rocks and other cave stuff.

Jessika & Thomas

Jess and I have been friends since the 7th grade, she's always been much more stylish than me...because of that I had very high expectations for what she was going to wear to her wedding.

Alana & Steve

I'm a sucker for simplicity so Alana & Steve's understated and absolutely gorgeous wedding was right up my alley. 

Bonnie & Raff

Bonnie & Raff had a wedding extravaganza at Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat it was all about family and friends, we spent very little time taking pictures...these two just wanted to party.

Tegan & Markus

Markus & Tegan are the best, they're quick to laugh and they don't take themselves to seriously. Honestly they were just a joy to photograph.

Olivia & Dylan

Olivia and Dylan are opposite to me, while I'm home sitting on the couch watching Netflix, they're off adventuring all over the world. Climbing mountains, trekking for 100's of days on end...they're amazing.

Sam & Drew

I like me some good wedding vows especially when the couple incorporates movie quotes...these two didn't disappoint.