Canberra Wedding Photographer-078

Tanya & Tim

Oh my goodness I haven’t blogged in so long, it’s not because I have a lack of beautiful weddings to share…it’s because I’m pregnant and slow. But today I’ve finally caught up on all my other work and that means I have time to blog Tanya & Tim’s freaking beautiful wedding!

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Canberra Wedding Photography

Katie & Daniel

You know how sometimes you meet people and they seem perfect? You think to yourself “There has to be something wrong with them, cause no one is that perfect”…so you watch them carefully, just waiting for them to reveal whatever giant flaw they’ve been hiding from you all this time. You wait, and wait, and wait some more, but the more time you spend with these people the more you like them and you realise that they aren’t hiding anything…they really are pretty much perfect. That’s Katie and Daniel for you.

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Grazing Gundaroo Wedding

Freya & Dane

Freya & Dane are the best, sometimes I hate having to write a ‘wedding description’ because words fail to show how great the day really was…this was one of those occasions.┬áSo instead of trying to write something creative I’ll give you the facts: 1. Freya & Dane are hilarious. 2. Their wedding party are also hilarious. 3. The weather was weird.

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Lake George Winery Wedding

Victoria & James

I know that many of you have been waiting for this post, how do I know this? Well, fun fact…I can see what people search for on my blog and there have been an awful lot of searches for ‘Victoria & James’ over the last month or so!

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Canberra Wedding Photographer

Felicity & Brad

Boom! Is the only way I can think to describe Felicity & Brad’s incredible wedding which took place at Lake Crackenback Resort & Spa.

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