Olivia & Dylan

Olivia and Dylan are opposite to me, while I'm home sitting on the couch watching Netflix, they're off adventuring all over the world. Climbing mountains, trekking for 100's of days on end...they're amazing.

Sam & Drew

I like me some good wedding vows especially when the couple incorporates movie quotes...these two didn't disappoint.

Maddie & Alex

These two got married at Kimo Estate on a day when it only rained when it was allowed to... during the reception. It was a man bun festival of epic proportions. The joining of a sweetheart and a 'fancy gardener'.

Brittney & Nathan

Sometimes things don't go exactly to plan... like you hurt yourself at the gym and you have to wear a big black boot to your wedding.

Lauren & Luke

These two. I've been waiting for this wedding for a long time, I photographed both their siblings weddings and so when Lauren and Luke contacted me I was so excited!

Lee & Charissa

Charissa & Lee are surprising and hilarious. Some people you meet are easy to categorise, to fit into a box. Not these two, they're unlike anyone I've ever met before and boy is that a good thing.

Ally & Jon

It's always the most flattering thing when you take people's portraits and then they come back again.

Nick & Claire

When I think of Nick & Claire a couple of things jump to mind, first they're super fun and hilarious to hangout with and secondly they have amazing taste.

Katherine & Evan

Sometimes you meet people in life and it feels like you've known them forever. That's how it was with Kat & Evan. 

Sartu & Jeremy

There is something about a country wedding, not a country style wedding...but actually a wedding of people from the country celebrating. They sure know how to party!

Nicole & John

Nicole & John are the people who think more about their friends and family than themselves. Spending time with them I was struck by what a generous and loving couple they are, both with their community and with each other.

Grace & Alex

Grace & Alex, oh my heart. These two are everything...smart, hilarious, super attractive and generous of spirit.

Jono & Chenoa

These two where do I start? With how hilarious they are? With what amazing parents they are? With how much they care for their friends and family? Sometimes words aren't enough to describe the people I meet.

Lara & Jason

Lara & Jason are totally nuts in the best kind of way, they're hilarious and pretty much the most fun ever.

Emily & Rory

Wow I'm behind with sharing weddings, the whole pregnancy and then having two kids thing has really been sucking my time! But even if this wedding was a year ago, it doesn't change how super fun and beautiful it was.

Suchith & Maduka

Suchith & Maduka's wedding was a beautiful day full of colour, dance and laughter.

Emma & Arran

Emma & Arran are the kind of people who make you feel like an underachiever, not because of the way they treat you (they're pretty much the nicest ever) but because of all the things they're doing with their lives. The places that they've lived and the work that they're doing is more than most people expect to do in a lifetime.

Caroline & Johnathan

Caroline & Johnathan's wedding was a day that had every detail carefully considered, from Caroline's dance to Johnathan's blue velvet smoking jacket and matching shoes.

Lauren & Kurt

It's been a while! Sorry it's taken me so long to post something new, the baby in my belly has been sucking all my energy. But the wedding I'm sharing with you today is worth the wait, it's a total cracker!

Guillaume & Margery

These two lovelies make me giggle, Guillaume for his wacky sense of humour and Margery because she makes cat noises when she gets nervous (like when she's having her photos taken for example).