Birth is beautiful.

Two incredible things are going to happen. First, you are going to birth a baby and it will take all your strength and resilience. Second, this baby will be your new favourite person—its fingers, its toes, its tiny perfect squishy face. Your partner should be your support, not your photographer, so let us take care of the photos.

We’ll do our best.

We understand that you’re letting us view you at your most vulnerable and so we make sure to be respectful and discreet. We can’t promise that you’ll look glamorous, but we’ll do our best to take beautiful photos of you meeting your new favourite person.

How much?

Birth is unpredictable, so we are flexible. You don’t need to book or pay a deposit, just ring when you go into labour and we will do everything in our power to be there! You can even call in the middle of the night and wake us up, we’ll do our best to sound chipper.


Birth | $1800

We’ll come to the hospital and stay as long as we need. Your photos will be delivered digitally.

Newborn | $660

If the whole birth photography thing freaks you out but you still want photos of your family’s newest addition, we have a couple of other alternatives. Learn more.


Photo Book | $250

All your photos in a beautiful, hardcover book. Trust me, you’ll want this.

Fine Art Prints | $70+

Prints can be ordered directly from your online gallery. Easy as!

You’ve got questions.

Who exactly will be photographing me?
Either myself or Annika. She shot both my births.

Will you be all up in my business?
We tend to stay away from that stuff. Have a look at some of the births we’ve shot to get an idea.

What happens if you can’t make it?
We’ll do our best to be there but sometimes it just doesn’t work. If you absolutely need photos you’ll probably want to go with someone else.

What happens if I need a cesarean or other intervention?
We respect the wishes of your doctors and midwives. Sometimes that means we need to wait in the hallway.

Why are births so expensive?
Honestly, they’re just a lot of work and the hours kinda suck.

Still have questions? Ask me anything.

OK, let’s talk!

Send me an email, message me on Facebook, or use the form below. If you’re weird and would prefer to call, you can do that too. My number is 0401 399 163.

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