I understand. You want birth photos and your partner thinks it’s a waste of money. His phone has a camera with 8 megapixels! The problem with this logic is that’s like asking the celebrant to take photos at your wedding, they’ve already got a super important job to do.

If you invite us to document your birth we can’t promise to make you look glamorous. But we can promise to be discreet and take beautiful photos of you bringing your new favourite person into the world. $1800. Let’s talk.


Levi’s Birth

I met Antoinette & John pretty close to their due date and the minute we met I liked them. They were fun, easy to get along with and seemingly unfazed by the fact they we’re going to have a baby very soon!


Boston’s Birth

All women who are afraid to give birth need to watch Alix, this amazing lady made pushing a baby out look easy.


Bear’s Birth

I got the call to come during the Wiggles concert, so I left the kids with Caleb and headed to the hospital as quickly as possible.


If the whole birth photography thing freaks you out, but you still want photos of your family’s newest addition we have a couple of other alternatives. The first being a hospital shoot, we arrive very quickly after your baby is born and we document your family getting to know one another. Or secondly we can wait a couple of weeks and come and photograph you in your home doing everyday things. Baby baths, nappy changes, songs being sung and lots of cuddles. All the small moments that we sometimes forget to appreciate. $400. Get in touch.


Pat Meets Alex

Meeting your newborn baby brother is the best.


Edie Newborn

You might recognise Jemima & Dan from their rainy wedding and now they have added sweet baby Edie to their family. These guys are pretty much the best and some of my favourites.



You might recognise this lovely family from their newborn shoot not so long ago. Well Erin & Jimmy have added another beautiful daughter to their clan…sweet Daisy.