Canberra’s favourite wedding photographer.

So maybe that’s not true but my photos are okay and my clients seem to like me.

Let’s be honest.
Wedding photos are weird.

Either you wear a big white dress or the most expensive suit you’ve ever owned. Then you go walking through a field at dusk, attempting to look natural, all while a stranger takes your photos.

I’m that stranger and I love it. I love the weirdness of weddings and the odd traditions we rework to express what we really want to say to each other. Let me photograph everything — your family, your friends, and you walking through fields (if that’s what you choose). But most importantly let me photograph you making the most meaningful commitment of your lives.

This doesn’t need to be difficult.

Don’t worry about time.

Instead of running to an hourly rate you hire us for events. Focus on your friends, your family and most importantly each other. Not the clock.

Trust me, you’ll look hot.

I know, you hate having your photos taken, you aren’t photogenic blah, blah, blah. As I said you’ll look hot.

Just get married.

Photos will be the easiest part of your day. Leave your spreadsheets and organizing behind, feel everything.

I care.

It sounds corny, but all I want is for you to have the best wedding and the best photos. I’ll work my ass off to make sure that happens.

Are you nice?

If so, I want to take your photos.

I don’t care if you’re super hipsters who only drink the greenest coffee or giant nerds who decorate their house with life-sized pictures of David Tennant.

That said, I may not be the right photographer for you.

I’m not formal and I don’t believe in weird posing. Photos will be relaxed and natural, you will look like yourself and you will have fun!

Ally & Jon

It’s always the most flattering thing when you take people’s portraits and then they come back again. It might be brides and grooms coming back with babies or like in Ally’s case being a bridesmaid and inviting me to photograph her own wedding, it makes me feel like a million bucks.

Katherine & Evan

Sometime you meet people in life and it feels like you’ve known them forever. That’s how it was with Kat & Evan, as soon as we met it was easy and fun…it was like hanging out with old friends.

Grace & Alex

Grace & Alex, oh my heart. These two are everything…smart, hilarious, super attractive and generous of spirit. When you spend time with them you feel cared for and valued, they’re amazing. They’re also very in love, the way Alex looks at Grace and the way Grace says every few minutes “How handsome is my husband!”.

How much?

We do things a little differently. Instead of charging an hourly rate we charge for the events we cover. Our plans are purely digital. You’ll get high-res digital copies of all your images so you aren’t locked into buying expensive digital prints and albums from us, though you can if you want to.


Everything | $4500

We cover the whole day – getting ready, ceremony, location and the formalities of the reception. There’s no time limit. Sometimes weddings don’t run to time so neither do we.

Almost Everything | $3500

Everything except the reception. You pay less and we get to go home a little early. If you’d rather we attend the reception but skip getting ready, we can do that too.


Engagement Shoot | $500

We’ll walk around in a field and take some pictures so you’ll have plenty of practice before the wedding.

Bridal Boudoir | $300

Bring some white undies and we can do a quick shoot while you’re getting ready.

You’ve got questions.

How many photos will we get?
Somewhere around 500-700 depending on how photogenic you are.

How long will it take to get them?
Usually eight weeks or less. Sometimes much less.

Do you offer prints?
Absolutely. You can order prints directly from your online gallery. They aren’t cheap but they’re the best you can get. We can also recommend great places to print them yourself.

What about albums?
We can do those too.

When do you arrive and leave?
I’ll come when the makeup starts and leave once the formalities of the reception are finished. There’s only so many pictures of drunk people dancing we can take.

Do you have any cheaper packages?
Not really. That said we do have a ‘courthouse package’ for elopements and other non-traditional weddings. Please get in touch if you’re after that sort of thing.

Do you work alone?
I always have a second shooter. That way we can be at two places while you’re getting ready and we’re less likely to miss something during the ceremony.

Do you travel?
Very occasionally. It doesn’t hurt to ask.

Still have questions? Ask me anything.

OK, let’s talk!

Send me an email, message me on Facebook, or use the form below. If you’re weird and would prefer to call, you can do that too. My number is 0401 399 163.

Let’s be friends.

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