1 in 10 of you have reached this site after googling ‘game of thrones wedding vows.’  — a fact that I am very proud of.
The rest of you are probably more interested in my photography skills.

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$4500. Nothing More.

For this price you get myself and a second photographer for getting ready, the ceremony, location and the major events of the reception (cake cutting, speeches, etc). We don’t run on a time limit but instead by events. We want you to be focused on each other on your wedding day…not the clock.

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Engagement Shoots.


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A portrait shoot for us to get to know each other, then you’ll be more comfortable in front of the camera on your wedding day…the more comfortable you are the more attractive you look.



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The Package.

Really, no prints?

Nope, you won’t get any prints or giant albums. Instead you’ll receive a hard-cover proof book and all the high-res digital negatives, fully edited – yours to do with as you please. Print them, put them in an album, share them online…whatever you want.


Email Me

Call me or send me an email, we can have a chat and learn if we are the right fit for each other. There’s absolutely no commitment.

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About Me.

The truth is I’m a nerd.

Learn All About Me

I’ve tried for a long time to deny these fundamental truths about myself, but finally with the help of my husband I’ve come to love and accept my nerdy qualities.

  1. I love BBC period dramas almost as much as watching American football.

  2. I’ve tried reading the right ‘intellectual’ books but have found I only have eyes for the post apocalyptic teen fiction genre.

  3. I have an affinity for intelligent bearded men (one in particular).

I do play the bass guitar in a band which is pretty cool, but unfortunately it isn’t enough to cancel out my many nerdy tendencies.

I never wanted to be a wedding photographer, I was more interested in fashion which seemed so much more glamorous at the time (please forgive my 19 year old self). I only started taking wedding photos when my friends began getting married and they needed a photographer. Through these first weddings I fell in love with photographing real people and their relationships, for they offered the truth and authenticity that fashion could not.

Relationships are the most important thing we have in life. I want to capture these relationships either by portrait or on your wedding day, not as insincere, fake images that don’t even look like you, but as honest reflections of your love and connection to each other.