Let’s be honest

Wedding photos are weird. Either you wear a big white dress or the most expensive suit you’ve ever owned. Then you go walking through a field at dusk, attempting to look natural, all while a stranger takes your photos.

I want to be that stranger. I love the weirdness of weddings and the odd traditions we rework to express what we really want to say to each other. Let me photograph everything — your family, your friends, and you walking through fields (if that’s what you choose). But most importantly let me photograph you making the most meaningful commitment of your lives.

Your wedding

Wedding photos have been know to rule the day, controlling time and space, but that’s not us. Your day is about you, the commitment you’re making and the people you love.

We’ll always meet with you both before the big day so we can get to know you and find out what works to make you feel relaxed. We keep posing to a minimum because we want you to look like yourselves. We also provide a second shooter to accompany your primary photographer because we don’t want to miss anything — his face as he sees you walking down the aisle, your face when you notice he’s crying a little.

We cover events rather than running on an hourly rate, that way you’re able to focus on getting married and not on the clock. We’re with you while you get ready, right until your speeches, cake cutting and first dance. Then we leave, about the same time that your Nana goes home.

Every wedding we work our asses off to make sure your photos are absolutely perfect, then the weeks following when you’re laying on a beach somewhere we’re carefully editing those photos. We work hard because we want you to LOVE your photos.

Recent weddings

Jono & Chenoa

These two where do I start? With how hilarious they are? With what amazing parents they are? With how much they care for their friends and family? Sometimes words aren’t enough to describe the people I meet.

Lara & Jason

Lara & Jason are totally nuts in the best kind of way, they’re hilarious and pretty much the most fun ever.

Emily & Rory

Wow I’m behind with sharing weddings, the whole pregnancy and then having two kids thing has really been sucking my time! But even if this wedding was a year ago, it doesn’t change how super fun and beautiful it was.

Suchith & Maduka

Suchith & Maduka’s wedding was a beautiful day full of colour, dance and laughter.

Emma & Arran

Emma & Arran are the kind of people who make you feel like an underachiever, not because of the way they treat you (they’re pretty much the nicest ever) but because of all the things they’re doing with their lives. The places that they’ve lived and the work that they’re doing is more than most…

Caroline & Johnathan

Caroline & Johnathan’s wedding was a day that had every detail carefully considered, from Caroline’s dance to Johnathan’s blue velvet smoking jacket and matching shoes.


Sometimes weddings don’t run to time, so neither do we. Instead of charging an hourly rate we charge for the events we cover. Our plans are purely digital: 500–700 digital images fully edited in either colour or B&W ready within eight weeks of your wedding. If you’d like your photos printed or made into an album we can recommend some great places.



We cover everything – getting ready, ceremony, location and the formalities of the reception.

Almost Everything


Everything except the reception. We get to go home early and you pay less.

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