What I’ve Learned – Killing Other People’s Creativity

Have you ever been super excited about an idea, shared it with a close friend or family member, only to have that person respond negatively and crush you with a few simple words? I have. You might be thinking to yourself “Well it mustn’t be a very good idea if you get crushed by one person’s comment” and you may be right, maybe it is a bad idea. Or maybe it’s amazing! Then you and your big mouth have now added another hurdle for your loved one to jump over when pursuing their goals.

So I’ve made a list (I love lists) of reasons to encourage creative ideas –

  1. They already know every way they can fail – If someone is sharing their creative idea with you, they’ve already been thinking about the concept for a while. Chances are plenty of those thoughts have been negative like ‘I’m not good enough’ or ‘this will never work’ they don’t need the people around them confirming their insecurities.
  2. You don’t need to save them – Failure is good, it’s how we learn and improve. Squashing your friends creative thoughts so that they ‘don’t hurt themselves’, even when done out of love can crush their spirits.
  3. Sharing creative ideas is scary – Your friend or family member is putting great trust in you when when they share their creative thoughts. They’re trusting that you’re going to be encouraging, supportive and most of all kind. Don’t disappoint them.

Over the last few years Caleb and I have implemented these ideas into our marriage and it’s been amazing! We’ve created a safe space where we can come and share our ideas without the other person responding negatively. The exciting consequence of this is that we’re creating more and moving forward with ideas that we never thought possible, all because of a little encouragement.