Weddings Are Only The Start

One of the things that bothers me the most about being a wedding photographer is ‘wedding jokes’. You know the ones about your life being over, how you’ll never have have any fun again and how your wife now holds your man parts in her iron fist. I know these are just jokes, but they make me so sad because they’re so far from the truth!

When I first started as a wedding photographer I’ll admit I was pretty into all the ‘wedding stuff’ the flowers, the dress, the venue and while I still think those things are important (I’m a huge sucker for an amazing dress) I know how little they really mean in comparison to a couple’s relationship. The older I get and the richer my life gets, the more excited I am for my couples getting married…because the wedding is only the beginning. They have their whole lives ahead of them and they can really do whatever they want, make babies (hopefully), buy houses, travel, create cool stuff, eat amazing food….and all with their best friend right beside to them.

Just remember if you’re planning a wedding, never do it at the cost of your relationship. Flower crowns come and go, but the hope is that the person you’re marrying will be next to you forever.

Corny post over.