Washington DC

Last week we visited Caleb’s brother Joel, his wife Mary and their four kids Asher, Anna, Jesse and Josie in Washington DC (well actually they live about an hour outside of the city in Northern Virginia).

We visited lots of monuments like the ‘Big Stick’ and the ‘Giant Man in the Giant Chair’. Side note: I can never remember their real names, just like how Caleb calls Uluru the ‘Big Rock in the Middle’.

It’s a beautiful city and like Canberra it is very clean and well planned out.

We had heaps of fun with our nieces and nephews, they are wonderful!

We had fun adventures almost everyday including the outlets, swimming pool and a park that the planes flew over.

I’m hoping that when we have kids that they’ll be as attractive as these guys…how cute are they!

One night Joel and Mary hired a babysitter and we went out for a ‘grown ups’ dinner which was a tiny bit quieter than out usual dinners.

I hope you’re enjoying my iPhone travel photos.