The Wedding Photographer Stereotype

When people think of a wedding photographer what usually jumps to mind is a grumpy middle aged man, who is barking orders at your Nana and wearing lots of black. It makes me so upset that the profession I enjoy so much has such a bad reputation. That often the public holds the belief that we only become wedding photographers because we aren’t good enough to be ‘real photographers’. Unfortunately peoples ideas have been shaped by bad wedding photographers, photographers who would be better suited to another profession….say a mortician, something that doesn’t require a lot of human contact. These photographers have forgotten that the experience of the wedding day is more important than having hot photos. That if you’re a big jerk and make everyone feel crappy, your photos won’t bring up happy memories no matter how good they are.

I love being a wedding photographer and I’m always so privileged to play a huge role on such an important day of peoples lives. Sometimes photographers forget we have the ability to make a couples day amazing or terrible, all by how we choose to behave. Remember a wedding is a once a week occurrence for us, but it’s our couple’s once in a lifetime commitment. Yes, this sounds corny…but it’s true. If photographers thought little more about the people they were working for rather than just getting the job done, maybe then our industry would have a better reputation.

As for being a ‘real photographer’ people who say that are just ignorant and obviously haven’t seen all the amazing wedding photographers out there today. I’m constantly amazed by the beautiful work that my fellow wedding photographers are creating!

I’m going to share more of Josh and Jessana’s wedding with you next week.