The Balance Between Art & Cheesy

I’ve been hearing a lot of talk lately about the new type of wedding photography…you know the indie stuff? There have been newspaper articles and TV spots about all these new trends (which aren’t really new) in our industry and it’s been getting me thinking about my photographic style and where I fit. I guess I don’t want to be lugged in with hundreds of other wedding photographers following a so called trend, I want to be making the trends!

Currently I have a style and I know how I like to shoot, but I always want to be improving…unfortunately there are a couple of things I struggle with which seem to hold me back from growing faster. First is making my clients happy…I never want to make a couples wedding day about me, because ultimately the photos are there’s and I want them to love their images. But I also want to give them something new and different, perhaps to surprise them with something that they never thought they’d like. But this is a fine line to walk, because everyone’s tastes are different and how am I suppose to know if they’ll love the unusual images or just think they’re weird (people have said this to me before). This brings me to my second problem…sometimes I’m just a chicken when it comes to trying new ideas because I’m worried about them being cheesy. I want to take beautiful images and I want them to be art…so I guess this means I need to be ok with making mistakes and having dumb ideas sometimes. But hopefully in-between one or two dumb ideas will be hundreds of amazing images, images that clearly have my creative vision and that my couples love.

How easy this is to write, execution is the hard part.