September – My Top 5 Favourite Things

What I love this September!


Qincy – I got these new shoes from Wittner and I feel like I’m wearing slippers to work they’re so comfortable.


Madewell – They’re finally shipping to Australia!


Limetown – Caleb and I are really enjoying this fictional podcast about the disappearance of a research facility.


Why Not Me – If you’ve met me you know I love Mindy Kaling, she’s hilarious. Her new book doesn’t disappoint, plenty of laugh out loud moments.


Super Mario Maker – This is Caleb’s addition to my list, if you want to play some of his levels here are the codes: Airship I (77F1-0000-001F-9000), Watch Out For Wrenches (EB5C-0000-002C-B158), Mariovania I (7A45-0000-004D-EA3F).