Rachel & Dylan

There are people in life that you meet and just click with, for me Rachel and Dylan are some of those people. As soon as I met them I knew I wanted to shoot their wedding day and that is was going to be a blast! Thankfully they decided to book me and today I get to share their amazing wedding with you.

Rachel & Dylan had a reasonably small wedding with 50 close friends and family attending, they had no wedding party and there was no fuss. It was simple, relaxed and most of all heaps of fun! The only stressful part of the day I can remember is when Rachel’s Mum pricked her finger and bled over the back of the wedding dress…that was a tense few moments until the blood was washed off.

Rachel & Dylan were a true DIY couple making all sorts of details for the wedding, growing flowers for the bouquet, sourcing bits and bobs online, getting family members to help and Rachel even made the cake (I heard down the grapevine that her workmates loved being the taste testers during morning teatime). Then lastly to top off this beautiful wedding Shifty Business (which Dylan is a part of) did a set and I must say I was super impressed with his rapping skills…is that what it’s called? I feel like an old lady who is very naive when it comes to this style of music! Anyway now that I’ve shown how uncool I truly am I hope you can look past this fact and enjoy Rachel & Dylan’s wonderful wedding.

Thanks to Tuli for being my second on the day!