Photography is a Job

These days in the wedding photography world it doesn’t seem to be enough to be a well respected photographer in your own market (ie ACT). If you are truly successful you will be travelling all over the world to exotic locations, to photograph peoples weddings and to speak at workshops. If you are doing these things, as far as your business is concerned you’ve made it, you’re photos are amazing, you’re well known in the photographic community and you’re making a lot of money. Obviously all of these things are amazing and deep down what all photographers want, but do they make you a true success? Are they worth it if you have to sacrifice relationships and time with your family? I’m asking these questions not to bash anyone, but because I’ve been trying to work this all out in my head…what do I really want for my business? And what is worth sacrificing and what isn’t?

This is what I’ve come up with (after months of thinking). Photography is just a job, a job I’m super passionate about and have put a huge amount of energy into…but in the end it’s a way to provide for my family. As much as travelling all over the world and Australia sounds glamourous, it’s time not spent with my husband and our marriage is more important than making money. Does this mean I won’t travel? Of course not, but what this does mean is that I’ll pick and choose…it’s all about balance and that balance must always tip in favour of my family. My family, faith and character are more important than being a success in the eyes of others, if I maintain these things then I will be a success in my own eyes…even if I forever live in a tiny (yet stylish) apartment and drive an even tinier Toyota.

A sneak peek from next week (rhymes!).