Minneapolis, MN

The last place we visited on our USA trip was Minneapolis. This city has a very special place in our hearts as it’s where Caleb and I met and also where we spent the first two years of our marriage.

We have so many amazing friends who live there and we love going back to visit them.

We had the privilege of staying with our very good friends Dave and Jessica, we also got to meet their lovely son Max who wasn’t alive last time we visited!

Minnesota is so beautiful in the summer time, it was great being able to see our friends and also being able to enjoy the weather.

We had a perfect day at the Lake with Jesse & Angie and their kids.

We visited Ben & Piper and enjoyed hanging out at their wonderful place on the lake (side note: there are thousands of lakes in MN).

We visited with many other friends (one of which got married and you’ll get to see those photos soon) and we loved seeing them all!