Mine Is Yours – The Review

So yesterday was my first time running Mine is Yours (a workshop type thing). I was nervous when the day started…I kept thinking to myself “I hope people turn up” and “if they do turn up maybe they’ll have a horrible time”. But despite my self doubt I just sucked it up, got on with the day and I think it went pretty well. I made some great new friends and learnt about how they’re running their businesses. But really I didn’t do it for me, so hopefully the attendees all enjoyed themselves and felt like it was a positive use of their time.

I want to continue to work on the concept of Mine is Yours, perfecting the idea of a free workshop where we share what we know to help new photographers. I love being able to build the photographic community in Canberra, if you’re a photographer you’re included.

Thanks to all the lovely ladies who attended and for all your great input!