Mine Is Yours – A Workshop Type Thing

I love workshops. It’s wonderful to learn from more experienced photographers and to meet new friends in my industry! The only problem with workshops is that they can be pretty expensive and often I should be spending that money on advertising or something equally as boring. And though I end up meeting heaps of amazing attendees who have lots of experience that I can learn from, I very rarely get to pick their brains because time is so short. This got me thinking, then planning, and now I’m jumping on the band wagon – I’m going to run a workshop!

Well ‘host’ or ‘facilitate’ might be a better description, because in no way do I feel like I’ve got enough knowledge or experience to run a workshop. So you may be asking ‘if you’re not, who is going to run this ‘Workshop Type Thing’ then? Well…the attendees of course! The whole idea of the day is to share…crazy idea right? We will cover all different topics – everything from branding to advertising – and we will also have an open time at the end of the day for Q&A. All I’ll be doing is making sure the day runs smoothly and that everyone gets a chance to ask questions and share their own business experiences.

Now I know some of you are probably thinking ‘well I’m way to experienced for this and they will just take advantage of my vast business knowledge if I come along’…and my response would be, ‘what’s wrong with that?’ What’s wrong with giving back to the other photographers in your community? I’m pretty sure if we are open we can learn from anyone…even if they are ‘less experienced’ than we are.

The workshop is going to be on Thursday 18th October from 9am-5pm at my house in Canberra and it’s going to be free! It’s going to be focused towards photographers primarily working in the wedding and portrait industry. I’m also going to limit the amount of people to eight, just cause I think small groups are easier to share in (and also my house is tiny). So if you’re interested please send me an email at amanda@thorsonphotography.com.au and make sure you do it fast cause I’ve already got a few people attending!

I’d love to have you come. I know that sometimes being a photographer is a lonely job and it can be hard to find support without having to pay for it. The goal of Mine Is Yours is to give you as much learning, encouragement and support as is possible in one day….oh and also to make new friends and have a super fun time!