Meet Annika

Annika is the newest member of Thorson Photography. She began as a second shooter and her work is so beautiful that she has quickly moved up to associate. I’m pretty sure a few of you would be asking yourselves “what is an associate photographer?”, well pretty much if I’m booked for a date don’t fret…you can still have the Thorson Photography experience with Annika! If you want to learn a little more about her please go here to our about page.I love this photo of Annika cause it pretty much sums her up…she’s a wonderful photographer, hard worker and great with kids. The cute little guy with her is the page boy from Amy and Yana’s wedding that we shot last month together. Also notice she is carrying her bag, my bag and a child, I’m pretty sure when I took this shot I was just carrying my camera and…no that’s it just my camera! Isn’t she the best? And strong too.This image is of Annika at a beautiful wedding we shot in Wee Jasper just this last weekend.