September 24 & 25

Madonna & Child

We’ve taken inspiration from the old masters who have been painting portraits of the Madonna and Child for hundreds of years.

Our Madonna and Child portraits have a painterly quality to them, they aren’t trendy, and they won’t date. They’re meant to be displayed on walls and passed on for generations to come. They’re art.


How much?

The shoot is $330 will take place in our Ainslie studio. It will take about 15 minutes if your little person cooperates, longer if they don’t. You’ll get 20 professionally edited hi-res images delivered to you via an online gallery, yours to do with as you please.


You've got questions

When and where is this happening? September 24th and  25th at our Ainslie studio.

Are you going to pressure me into buying anything else? Nope, there is no sales session and no hard sell. That said, we do hope you consider buying framed prints. These portraits are mean’t to be hung on the wall.

What should we wear? To get the right look you’ll want to wear a loose, flowing dress or nothing at all.

Your child should be in a plain cloth nappy or a singlet. We want them wearing very little.

Is my kid too old? Maybe. Under two years is best but we won’t turn you away if your kid is older.

What if I’ve got a few kids? This really only works with one kid. We’ll make an exception for twins.