June – My Top 5 Favourite Things

Here is my list for June.

Mystery Show

1. Mystery Show: By far my favourite new podcast, each week it just gets better and better! Starlee Kine solves mysteries that can’t be solved by going online, she roams around the United States finding answers like an old school detective. I can’t recommend this show highly enough, if you want to try out one episode go with Case 2# Britney (yes this is about the Britney you think it’s about) or Case 3# Belt Buckle.

geronimo beef jerky

2. Geronimo Beef Jerky: Caleb and I like to have afternoon snack time and eat this…Pow Wow is the best flavour by far! (look out for their specials we always buy a heap when they offer 50% off)

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 2.54.50 pm

3. Lee Jeans: Since having a baby trying on clothes is stores pretty much never happens, so I’ve become even more of an internet shopper. I’ve been wearing Lee jeans for years now (Australian Lee NOT American Lee…huge difference, I may be a mum but I’m not wearing mum jeans) mainly cause all butts large and small look good in their jeans. I just got my first post pregnancy pair and I was super excited to discover that if you purchase your jeans online they come in ‘short’ and for a girl who has to get every new pair of pants hemmed this was wonderful news!

mid century modern office

4. West Elm: I’ve been a big fan of West Elm for years and I was super excited when they came to Australia, I even ordered a this sweet bedside table from them. So when our office chair broke I knew where to find something a little different, but with that mid century modern style I love. I found two chairs I loved at West Elm and was making my final decision when I checked the shipping costs, $199 from Sydney to Canberra, that couldn’t be right so I checked again and I was devastated to see that they had changed their shipping policies. As much as I liked their chairs I didn’t $199 like them on top of their normal price…so I went back to the drawing board looking for a not ugly office chair (a way harder task than you may think). When it became obvious I wouldn’t find anything else I liked and I travelled out to the Canberra Outlet Centre multiple times to see if on the off chance West Elm would have one of the chairs I wanted, but with no luck. Finally after brain storming I had the genius idea of calling them and seeing if I could leave my name for ‘office chairs on wheels’  and last week they called me! I ended up getting this chair for $350 instead of $600…it’s a wonderful feeling when you get a bargain.


5. Grease Monkey: Fried chicken and real American style burgers, yes please! They opened last week and I’ve already been twice….

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