Her Growing Body

I’m working on a new personal project and I need your help. But before I can tell you about it I need to talk about a lie we’re told.

The lie

We grow babies but we’re told that our bodies aren’t supposed to change.  Here are the rules:

  1. No weight gain. Your body must look exactly the same before, during and after child birth. The only exception is the cute and tiny bump you’re permitted to have.
  2. No stretch marks.
  3. No stretched out skin.
  4. Your boobs must be just as perky as before you had a human child feeding from them.

Going into my first pregnancy I was terrified of getting stretch marks, of getting a saggy stomach, and of gaining weight. Spoiler: all those things happened to me and I’m totally fine with it now. But the question is ‘why was I terrified?’

Answer: I was lied to!

And I bought into that lie that I’m somehow less valuable as a woman if my body grows, stretches and changes.

But since then I’ve thrown that lie away, I’d had enough of feeling bad about myself for what were natural changes. I have nothing to be ashamed about!

The project

This brings me to my personal project which I’m incredibly excited about. To show this amazing transformation that women go through as they grow, birth and feed a baby I want to document this process in four stages – Pre-conception, pregnant (usually about 30 weeks), post birth and breastfeeding, post breastfeeding.

All the photos will be in my normal boudoir style and I will require participants to be at least topless at some points… because your boobs change a lot. I’m also excited to include the babies in some images ❤️

If you’re interested in being involved and you meet the following criteria please get in contact:

  1. You must be over 18.
  2. Currently trying to conceive.
  3. This must be your first child.
  4. Willing to be photographed 4 times (pre-conception, pregnancy, post birth/breastfeeding, post breastfeeding).
  5. Willing to get naked.
  6. Willing to let me share all your photos.

I know that this is a big ask and that it’s confronting, but it’s a good thing. We as women must come together and say ‘this is what our bodies look like and we look freaking fantastic’.

Please pop me an email if you want to be involved, I only have a couple of spots available.