So it’s here, my last day of working at Ted’s camera store. It will be an easy day, no customers, no uniform…just counting for stocktake. I’ve been working towards this for almost 5 years and it’s hard to believe at the end of today I’ll be a fulltime photographer…or in some photographers eyes ‘a real photographer’. Yep, that has been said to me “you’re only a real photographer if you’re fulltime” and I say to that “what a load of crap”.

I’m so thankful for my time working in a job that isn’t my dream, it makes working from home now all the sweeter. I hear other photographers complaining about all the work they have to do and sometimes they seem to forget what an amazing job they have! Spend a week in retail and then see if you’re still complaining about working from home. I’m so excited about getting time to exercise, keep my house clean, cook better and to have a little free time!

This is a little shout out to all the photographers who aren’t fulltime. Those who stay up to the early hours of the morning editing, or barely have a social life because they have to balance two jobs! Just because your partner doesn’t have a high paying job to support you in the early stages of you business or you need that little extra cash to make the mortgage payments…doesn’t mean you are any less of a photographer. It’s not like tonight as I finish work I’ll suddenly become a better photographer because I’m fulltime. Take everything you can from working two jobs…for example time management (I got really good at this) and people skills (sometimes staying home in your pjs can make you a little slack in this area). I used to be embarrassed about working at Ted’s, like it’s uniform was a huge sign saying “Amanda’s not a good enough photographer to work for herself”. But now I don’t care what people think, for these last few months I’ve worn my uniform with pride, taken crap from other photographers (customers in store) and become more and more thankful for all the things Ted’s has taught me.

Here is a photo that my second shooter Tuli took of me at last weeks wedding. Note: I’m not grumpy in this photo, it’s just my thinking face. Also notice my very dorky but practical double strap…doesn’t it make me look like a ‘real photographer’?