My Business Goals, Not Just For This Year, But Forever.

New Year’s resolutions, we make them, we break them. That’s why I hadn’t planned on making any new goals moving into this year (besides my personal goal of wearing larger old lady underwear). For me, goals need to be set when the time is right, when you’re ready to change and not just when the calendar hits a certain day.

I’ve always known how I wanted to run my business, honestly, with integrity, always working my hardest, giving my best…blah, blah, blah. But for so long I’ve felt lost, what am giving people besides photos? Photos are important, yes, but the people that I photograph, their relationships are what really counts. What I do is really just attempting to reflect what is already there to begin with.

Then yesterday I was driving home from a family shoot and it hit me, my business goal, not just for this year…but forever. Joy. I know this is a simple answer and it might be a let down if you’re reading this and looking for your own business inspiration, but it’s the truth. I came home, told Caleb (my husband) straight away and I felt so light. Because If giving joy is my focus I will be better at listening, putting other people first and perfecting my craft. Because if giving joy is my main focus the other things that can weigh me down fade…money, comparing myself to others, self-doubt.

Happy New Year Friends.